Dogs’ Teeth

Having a puppy and therefore being on the receiving end of her clumsy young mouth while playing with her with her toys led me to write this post. Those baby teeth can be incredibly sharp and I’m forever willing her adult teeth to come through!

Puppies have 28 teeth which break through their gums at between 3 and 6 weeks of age, and at this point, because they are fed a soft diet, do not have molars.

At around four months old, 42 (depending on breed) adult teeth start to come through, replacing the puppy teeth. The incisors come through first, followed by the canines and finally the molars. During this time, puppies tend to chew alot – from toys to their owners’ favourite shoes – in an attempt to relieve the discomfort of those new teeth breaking through, and can often drool, be irritable and their appetite may also be affected. What shocked me at first when our puppy started teething was the amount of blood that there ‘appeared’ to be. In fact there is not a huge amount of blood, but when mixed with saliva it certainly appears that way.

There are a number of products on the market to help sooth puppies’ teeth during this time. See our link to the Amazon pet shop for details on a number of teething products available: Teething toys for puppies

Once those adult teeth have come through, similarly to people, dogs can suffer from a number of issues with their teeth, such as retained baby teeth, gingivitis and tooth decay, so it is just as important that owners look after their dogs teeth like they would their own, and many vets recommend getting dogs used to having their teeth brushed from a very early age. Other things that owners can do to help prevent common tooth problems are to provide chew bones and dental toys and feed a mostly dry diet (always ensure that plenty of fresh drinking water is available at all times).

2 comments to Dogs’ Teeth

  • sally

    interesting article. it made me smile when i think back to all the destroyed shoes and tv remotes that our dog, now 5, destroyed when he was teething (not that i smiled much at the time!) i didn’t reaise that puppy’s have 28 teeth to start with yet 42 teeth once adults so i learnt someting from you today – in fact i learn something from yu every time i visit your site to which i am a weekly visitor. thanks!

    • Lou

      Hi Sally

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know that you enjoyed our article. Thankfully we haven’t suffered too much with chewing of our prized possessions, but I shouldn’t speak too soon!

      Really pleased to hear that you are a regular visitor to our site; if there’s ever a subject that you’d like to see covered, please do let us know.

      Lou & Sue

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