For The Cat Who Has To Have Everything

OK, we love them and, because we love them, we love to spoil them but, what do you get for the cat who already seemingly has everything? Just for fun, I went for a little wander around the internet looking for extreme gifts for extremely spoiled pussy cats, and was amazed and just what is out there.

Here are 5 of our favourite ‘must have’ items for the cat who really does have to have everything:

Right at the top of the list comes just about everything from a wonderful blog called Modern Cats which has been designed and is maintained purely as a resource for cat owners to peruse what is hot in cat products – great fun and well worth a look:

Top of their current offerings for me was definitely the cat climbing wall:

Looks so much fun, I almost wanted one for myself, never mind about the cats!

Next up is a self-warming thermal cat cushion that reflects your cats body heat and keeps him/her warm even on the coldest winter night – purrfect. Made by Brampton Company. The best price we have found so far for this product is £23.99 at Paws Pet Supermarket:

We also loved PawBreakers catnip candy balls:

although they do not seem to be that easy to find in the UK? If anyone knows where to get these or something similar, please let us know.

A water fountain is a must for any self-respecting cat (who wants to drink stale water?) and the Drinkwell Platinum is a great choice, with its free-falling stream to entice Puss to drink more. VetUK are currently offering this for just £32.36.

For the cat that has already been microchipped, how about making extra use of that chip with a cat flap that will only open when it detects your unique microchip number(s):

It’s not cheap at around £64, but it does solve the problem of how to stop everyone else’s cats from coming home with yours!

Finally, the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, constructed especially to attract, occupy and entertain your cat, looks brilliant fun and, at only £9.99 from, it won’t break the bank either:

Please let us know your favourite ‘spoilt cat’ must haves. We’d also love to see your photos of your cats using them!

By the way, as it happens, one of Lou’s cats is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday Rolo! Sorry, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to get you that cat climbing wall…

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