What has gone wrong?


“Pet dog savaged in front of teenage girl”, “Dog owner attempts mouth-to-mouth after pet is mauled by Staffordshire Terriers in a park”, Hospital admissions for injuries caused by dogs up 76% in 10 years”…

What is it that has gone so wrong in the UK that we keep seeing these horrific headlines . . . → Read More: What has gone wrong?

Making sense of it all

dog sniffing

Recently, I have been reading up on some of the latest theories about dogs and how they view the world around them. Not only is such research fascinating, an appreciation of the dog’s world also gives us greater insights in how to live and communicate better with our ‘best . . . → Read More: Making sense of it all

Time to Move On

This sort of thing makes me really cross!

I received an email at the weekend from someone who was very upset after being verbally abused for ‘correcting’ her dog. This person had, apparently, tugged the leash and said a firm ‘no’ when her young dog tried to jump up at a passer-by. . . . → Read More: Time to Move On

Why my dog is not my ‘Furbaby’

I love my dog more than I can ever possibly say and I would do anything within my power to keep him safe, healthy and happy. He is absolutely not just a dog, just a possession or just anything else and I feel sorry for those people who have never . . . → Read More: Why my dog is not my ‘Furbaby’