Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Wednesday saw the two year anniversary of the sad day it was announced that a dog called Lennox had been put to sleep in Belfast because he had been found to be of ‘pitbull type’ and was thus . . . → Read More: Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Why so judgemental…?

I just had an email from someone who says she is in tears after she just met another dog walker and asked him to call his dog back as hers is a bit nervous and reactive with strange dogs. . . . → Read More: Why so judgemental…?

Changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act

As of next Tuesday, May 13th, 2014, the Dangerous Dogs Act in England and Wales will be amended to cover incidents on private property as well as in public places.

Under Section 3 of the current Act, . . . → Read More: Changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act

Don’t just ban it!

Why is it our immediate solution to every problem these days is just to ‘ban it’ rather than to try to solve it? This appears to be particularly true with regards to anything dog related. It seems like . . . → Read More: Don’t just ban it!

Some dogs just need more s p a c e

Although many of you will have already seen the Yellow Dog advert box we’ve been displaying for a while, I thought it would also be a . . . → Read More: Some dogs just need more s p a c e

Take The Paws Greeting Challenge!

Greeting: A means of communication where two or more sentient beings make their presence known to each other.

Human greeting customs are both culture and situation specific, and also differ depending upon social status and relationship. If . . . → Read More: Take The Paws Greeting Challenge!