What has gone wrong?


“Pet dog savaged in front of teenage girl”, “Dog owner attempts mouth-to-mouth after pet is mauled by Staffordshire Terriers in a park”, Hospital admissions for injuries caused by dogs up 76% in 10 years”…

What is it that has gone so wrong in the UK that we keep seeing these horrific headlines . . . → Read More: What has gone wrong?

Banned Breeds and the Law

A recent post and subsequent comments made about it on Facebook the other day made me think it would be a good idea to write an article about banned dog breeds and the law as it currently stands in the UK.

According to the Dangerous Dogs Act . . . → Read More: Banned Breeds and the Law

He only wants to play…

One of the first articles we ever published on Paws Around Berkshire was about the consequences of dogs meeting up incorrectly when out walking: Dog on Dog Attacks. Sadly, nearly four years later, this is still one of the most frustrating and potentially . . . → Read More: He only wants to play…

Dealing with irresponsible dog ownership

From October 20th, 2014, police and local councils will have new powers aimed at preventing dog attacks.

Owners whose dogs are not properly under control could find themselves required to attend behavioural classes and/or be ordered to keep their dogs muzzled and leashed. Those who do not comply will face a . . . → Read More: Dealing with irresponsible dog ownership