Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI)

For the past four or five years there has been a growing new danger to dogs in the UK in the form of an illness dubbed Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI).

Cases of this mystery illness are generally seen between August . . . → Read More: Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI)

Celebrating Our Pets

This month is National Pet Month. The 25th National Pet Month, as a matter of fact and, as they have for the past 24 years, across the UK thousands of animal lovers are already busy raising and giving money in . . . → Read More: Celebrating Our Pets

Cats and Bovine TB – Should we worry?

While it may have been surprising and also a little worrying to hear that two people in Berkshire have contracted a form of TB from their cats, it is also important to keep things in . . . → Read More: Cats and Bovine TB – Should we worry?

Pet Theft Awareness Week

This week, March 14th to 21st, is Pet Theft Awareness Week.

Why do we need one? well, because sadly, more and more of our pets are being stolen every day, as many as 3 cats and 3 dogs . . . → Read More: Pet Theft Awareness Week

Microchip ownership laws

What a sad situation reported recently by Bruce Forsyth’s Vets Get Scanning site about a Berkshire cat that went missing last November.

Apparently, in January this year, about 2 months after the cat . . . → Read More: Microchip ownership laws

Time for change!

Another year is almost over and, as we head into 2014, I find myself wondering how many more ‘found’ dogs I am going to be posting in the coming months, many of which, I suspect, will not be claimed because . . . → Read More: Time for change!