Now wash your paws!

When my niece first told me about her new cat toilet training kit I wasn’t sure whether she was being serious or not so, when I saw that her cat, Henry, had initially decided just to sleep on it, . . . → Read More: Now wash your paws!

Why are so many dogs ‘reactive’ – survey results

Many thanks to all of you who took part in our recent poll about reactive dogs, the results of which were very interesting. The majority of those who voted . . . → Read More: Why are so many dogs ‘reactive’ – survey results

Why are so many dogs ‘reactive’ to other dogs?

I saw a tweet recently from someone claiming that the number of dogs whose owners describe them as ‘dog-reactive’ or even dog aggressive now seem to be almost the same as the number who . . . → Read More: Why are so many dogs ‘reactive’ to other dogs?

Getting a dog

Getting a dog can be such a wonderful and exciting experience but it’s also a huge responsibility too, and the pressures on us to get it right have never been greater.

The sad results of getting it wrong can . . . → Read More: Getting a dog

What is animal cruelty?

Strange question? On the face of it, all us animal lovers have a very clear idea in our minds about animal cruelty, and what we’d like to see done to those who commit it! We read terrible stories . . . → Read More: What is animal cruelty?

A question of balance?

Positive reinforcement is a good thing and all punishment is wrong, right? Eh, well no, positive punishment is out, but negative punishment is OK. In fact, negative punishment goes hand in hand with positive reinforcement, but not with . . . → Read More: A question of balance?