Time to Move On

This sort of thing makes me really cross!

I received an email at the weekend from someone who was very upset after being verbally abused for ‘correcting’ her dog. This person had, apparently, tugged the leash and said a firm ‘no’ when her young dog tried to jump up at a passer-by. . . . → Read More: Time to Move On

He only wants to play…

One of the first articles we ever published on Paws Around Berkshire was about the consequences of dogs meeting up incorrectly when out walking: Dog on Dog Attacks. Sadly, nearly four years later, this is still one of the most frustrating and potentially . . . → Read More: He only wants to play…

Using that Nose – Searching and Tracking

We all know a dog relies on his sense of smell to interpret the world, in much the same way as most of us rely on our sight. In fact, when a dog sniffs a human or another dog, he is not just registering a smell, but taking in a . . . → Read More: Using that Nose – Searching and Tracking

Now wash your paws!

When my niece first told me about her new cat toilet training kit I wasn’t sure whether she was being serious or not so, when I saw that her cat, Henry, had initially decided just to sleep on it, I was kind of on his side!

However, curiosity aroused, I also . . . → Read More: Now wash your paws!